A Plan

As capitalism teaches us, an idea without a good execution is worthless. To have a good execution it is essential to draw up a concrete and achievable plan.

Babel Society does not want to be a cloud in the air, but rather a society capable of planting strong and lasting roots.

If you want to find out more about Babel Society ideology, we invite you to read the Manifesto.

A fundamental feature of Babel Society is decentralization, this affect both plan execution and decision-making power. What follows is a plan that anyone can draw inspiration from to achieve the common goal of a better society. Indeed, we hope that more projects will be carried out over time and in various parts of the world; as long as there is someone who believes in Babel Society's core values, the change will take place.

Each new project will be able to rely on the experience of others, as well as on all infrastructure and support already established, thus increasing the chances of success.
We do not recommend starting several projects in the same country at the same time, it would be more appropriate to collaborate so as to have more resources and talents available.

🔗Peaceful Foundations

Babel Society aims to promote a peaceful and long-term change. History teaches us that any revolution based on violence has never lasted over time, sooner or later the strong powers returned to reign, albeit under different guises.
Violence only breeds more violence.

It may happen that they will try to oppress the project by force, but it is important to resist the urge to retaliate and carry out the plan in a peaceful manner. If we can respond to violence with active pacifism, public opinion will be on our side. We will show that we are different, that what we profess resides in our deeds. Let's make our voices heard as much as possible and public opinion will not be able to ignore what happened, but rather will act as a sounding board. The means must align to our final goal.

They could also try to tarnish the project through scandals and falsehoods. It is important to be completely transparent in every decision. If decisions are made through in-person meetings, it will be good to record and publish them uncut. Perhaps invite the most skeptics to preside over the meetings themselves.
People always tend to be wary of what they do not understand, of what's different; it is part of our nature and is a feature that has allowed our species to adapt and survive the most hostile environments. Therefore it is essential that the society remains open and always willing to dialogue with external people.
In this way, even those who are not part of it will be able to understand it, form their own opinion and will be able to better cope with disinformation.

It's good to understand that Babel Society has no intention of converting or plagiarizing anyone, but rather wants to bring together people who already think the same way to organize and build a society that better suits us, to build a better future all together.
We fully accept heterogeneous thinking and therefore other forms of society are welcomed and even required, given that some people may not appreciate the values of Babel Society; it's better for them to find a different society where they feel at home, such as one based on capitalism or communism principles.
We only want the freedom to build a society based on our own principles.

The society must be a good neighbor, build good relationships with the host society (i.e. the society in which we will settle in) and work together to solve the most pressing problems. We should be allies, not enemies. It's good to state that being an ally of the host society means being an ally of all people rather than just the few who control it.

🔗Radical Change

We are aware that the society we want to implement involves radical changes. Not all people will be able to adapt immediately, many may have values that are incompatible with Babel Society, so trying to impose this structure on a large scale is highly deleterious.

Trying to adapt the project to a large, heterogeneous population risks distorting it, to fail the change we hope for.

That's why it is essential to start as a small group, made up of likely-minded people and grow slowly from there. That's how we can achieve our main goal to build a long lasting society in line with the law of nature.

Radical changes never happen in the short term, they need care and the right environment in which to progress.

Growing a new society isn't much different than planting a new tree. First you need suitable seeds and soil. In the first years it will be weak, it will need constant care, attention, but the more it grows, the deeper its roots will go. Over time it will become strong, more and more resilient to bad weather, until one day it will bear the first fruits and then reproduce. With the right care, a small seed can give birth to an entire forest.

🔗Spread the word

In order to be carried out, Babel Society requires likely-minded people interested in the type of society described, but also a considerable amount of resources and pool of talents.
In order to obtain these essential elements, we need to spread the word as much as we can.

Like any other starting project, gaining visibility will not be easy, the important thing is to persist and push forward.

The Internet remains the simplest method for large-scale communication, but any medium will be beneficial at this stage.

Spreading the word in person and on the territory could simplify the next phase.


Once we have a suitable number of supporters, it will be necessary to proceed with the selection of the "Seed", that is the initial group of likely-minded people capable of giving life to the first society. At this stage it is important to understand how many resources are available. Unfortunately, to create a society without money we need a constant and significant flow of money!

We could open the project up for donation, so that anyone interested can support it even if they are not part of the Seed. In this case, transparency on how such money is used is essential.

The group that will form the Seed must be compact and have a good synergy of talents. Before forming this group, we recommend spending some time together to get to know each other better; the ideal would be to live in close contact for at least a few months.

The talents acquired and the initial amount of resources will outline the next stages of the plan. The main goal remains autonomy.

At this stage it will be necessary to decide in which country the society will settle. We recommend that you choose a country whose society facilitates the project execution. For example, establishing a new society under a totalitarian regime will be much more challenging than doing it in a liberal society.

Some of the talents we recommend to have in the Seed are:


The Seed needs a constant source of income to grow. We recommend setting up a worker-owned cooperative as it is the form of business that best aligns with Babel Society values.

What the firm will do depends on the talents and resources available to the Seed. It is important that only the members of the society participate in the enterprise and that all earnings are shared equally as established by Babel Society. In this first moment, the life of the project will be closely linked to that of the company, therefore it is important we build a solid business that can guarantee the livelihood of the society over time.

It goes without saying that the enterprise must be in line with Babel Society's core values, such as collaboration and the protection of biomes.

The Seed is supposed to be made up of a small number of people, so at this stage it should be quite easy to get organized even without having the online platform available. It remains important to document and publish all decisions on the distribution and use of resources, as well as to maintain a dialogue with all supporters and potential future members. Transparency is a must.

What is suggested here is only a possibility, we encourage you to experiment with the best way to keep society active and alive.


Once the sustenance of the Seed is guaranteed, the growth phase can begin. The society will open up to new members and at this point it should be clear what talents are most needed to achieve autonomy.

If it is not yet present, it will be necessary to create an online platform according to the Manifesto, which we recall must be based on the concepts of Free Open Source Software.

It will be essential to find a plot of arable land and maybe even other land where we can start building a real community.

We recommend starting the planning of housing centers that are well connected to agricultural production centers, so as to be able to consume as much food in a sustainable and ecological way.


All new resources and talents acquired in the Growth phase will have to be employed in order to achieve autonomy.

There are different forms of autonomy and we recommend reaching them in the following order:

Achieving food autonomy should lead to a great improvement in the quality of life for all members.
Conquering and maintaining all forms of autonomy will be much more complex, it will be an Herculean feat: only through close collaboration between all the members will it be possible to achieve this goal.

The more autonomous the society becomes, the stronger and more resilient it will be, until growth and general well-being will surpass the host society.


This is the stage where all the knots come to the comb. We expect the Manifesto to be implemented gradually throughout the life of the society, but in case something is still missing, now is the time to implement it.

Even in this phase, the society will have to continue to strengthen and grow, but it will be better to focus efforts on optimizing internal processes to make them more efficient and guarantee a better quality of life.

In case it has not yet been done, now is the best time to increase the budget available for Travels.


The last possible step will be to achieve political autonomy, i.e. to obtain independence from the host society.

The feasibility of this phase will greatly depend on the conditions in which the host society finds itself, as well as on how we managed international relationships. It will be an extremely delicate phase and the society could be wiped out by force.
Here more than ever it is important to follow a peaceful, organized but decentralized path.

It is good to admit that, if we are lucky, it may take a couple of generations before we reach this stage, but once we do, we will have seriously changed the world.


The plan described so far is only one of the possible variations to achieve the result set by Babel Society. Stages are not strictly sequential, but rather we remain flexible in both its implementation and nature. The most important aspect is to always keep in mind our core values.

Many aspects of Babel Society are closely related to the type of society we are immersed in today and may change in the future, however we believe that core values transcend time and will always remain a good guide for future generations.

Core values shouldn't only guide the final result we want to achieve, but more importantly the means we use to achieve it. As Errico Malatesta put it:

it is not enough to desire something; if one really wants it, adequate means must be used to secure it. [...] if we ignore the choice of means we would achieve other ends, possibly diametrically opposed to those we aspire to, and this would be the obvious and inevitable consequence of our choice of means. Whoever sets out on the highroad and takes a wrong turn does not go where he intends to go but where the road leads him.

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